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The Story

A long time ago, in 2015, two dudes (Dan Robba and Wayne Gamble) set forth on a new musical adventure. Along the way Erin Montgomery and Chris Roullard joined the dudes. 

Their idea: Shake up the Central Coast. They knew California was used to the occasional tectonic jitter bug, but they weren’t ready for this!  It was time to give the central coast something they’ve never experienced before!

When Erin and the Earthquakes perform you’ll feel yourself being lifted from your seat and bounced to the dance floor. Once there, your feet will swing you around to the dynamically soulful and yet angelic voice of lead vocalist, Erin Montgomery. Your heart will impulsively beat to Dan Robba’s percussive commands. When suddenly your hair is slicked back and sunglasses appear over your eyes as Wayne Gamble’s bass guitar wails out a funky chill pill.  Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, Chris Roullard takes you right off the Richter Scale with his guitar solo and onto a next level journey.

This is the sound you’ve been searching for. 

This is Erin and the Earthquakes. 

With over 80 years experience combined, Erin and the Earthquakes are well known for taking songs we know and love and shaking them up with their unique sound. You’ll fall in love with these songs all over again. They provide a unique amalgamation of rock, jazz, funk, and blues covers as well as a CD’s worth of phenomenal originals. This powerhouse band with their high energy, musicianship and earthshaking vocals will have you searching them out for more. 

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Broken Fairytale
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Broken Fairytale

Broken Fairytale

Love Addiction


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